Tuesday, September 20, 2011

crafting weekend

Sue Milo's dreamy landscape collage

Colleen's cool collage with relief dolls and wings
collages, molds, mermaid doll, and a doll in process- all the different pieces we worked on during our crafting weekend. Great fun!

I spent a wonderful weekend crafting with Sue Milo and Colleen Athens last week. We spent part of our time making collages. I LOVE what Sue and Colleen did with their collages! Sue made a dreamy landscape-ish piece with a wonderful paper clay pressed-in pocket watch. Colleen built up a very cool doll using paper clay and also made wings for another doll on her collage. I made houses, which is funny, because when I started, I was thinking 'faces'...and ended up with houses. I love that about making art- follow what speaks to us...at that moment as I was making my collage, I saw houses and went with it. I am not quite finished with mine. But I did finish my second paper clay doll there...my mermaid...and I love her!


Donna said...

So envious of you ladies making time for your selves and your art! You're an inspiration!

ily said...

That is really pretty :D!