Thursday, August 22, 2013

Necessity is the mother of invention...

Back in May I traveled to France for a pastel workshop and a two week sojourn traveling through the South of France, from Nice across Provence to Perpignan. I carried with me several boxes of pastels, and after awhile, I got tired of my whole arrangement and how I was storing/traveling with my art I am back home and starting to think about my next trip to Edisto Island coming up soon.

I started looking online for some sort of pastel travel box and I was able to find a few, however they were about 150.00 and up in price. One will be on my Christmas list this year, but for now, I decided to create my own. Karen Margulis gave me this link to Stan Sperlak's : Gogh Box.  Being new to pastels, I am learning as I go!

I took a cigar box and to the lid I glued an 8x10 back of a picture frame. (I buy frames for artwork and I pull out the back frame and use foam core instead, so I have several of these frame backs.) 

So now when I open the cigar box, the lid is propped up to use as an easel while painting small pictures in plein air.  I use the large bulldog clips to secure my pastel paper.  I now look forward to walking about with my pastels and not be so encumbered with supplies.  woo hoo!  I will still have to carry my paper separately, but my mind is mulling and marinating, so I may adjust this set-up to somehow include my paper...more to come, maybe.


Elaine A said...

Elizabeth -

This is sheer genius! What a brilliant idea!


Elizabeth Parsons said...

Thanks Elaine! And no cost!

Caryl said...

How cool is that :)