Monday, August 19, 2013

pastel painting of a road in Provence

Farm Road in Provence
 5" x 7" pastel on paper

This road was behind the house we rented in Canet, in the west of France, close to Spain. This was a farm road, used for tractors and such. There were artichoke fields all to the right. The poppies had just bloomed...I felt so blessed to see the poppies bloom!

Our house was about 10 minutes from the sea and the River Tet ran just by the house on it's way to that sea.   This was a wonderful road to walk; absolutely quiet except for the humming of the cicada bugs- (I am guessing that is what they were) and the birds.

The wind was quite fierce while we were there- the Mistrals is what the French call them. Because of these winds, plein air painting became impossible as the winds blew our easels over and the energy spent trying to prevent this was just too much! So I took lots of photos. This day was not bright and sunny, so that's what I tried to convey here. 

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