Tuesday, October 22, 2013

nesting and art galleries

I have not been in a creative mode since I got home from vacation. I am in a nesting mode. When I am in this place, I do a lot of cooking and rummaging through my craft stuff. I pull out my book collection I use for collage, review my dies I own, look at my stamps, rearrange things. I guess it's all part of my creative process.  For years I fought my process. I would make myself creating something. This really worked at my paying job- as a creative designer I HAD to create, the suits didn't want to wait for my muse to inspire me...they just wanted me to create, and I did, for almost 20 years.

But I am retired now...so now I respect my process. If the muse is telling me to nest, I nest.

I also feel a shift coming- from my fine art back to crafting. I do go in cycles...around a circle of fine-art  to  crafting   to fine-art   and back to crafting...I don't know why, just is.

On another note, I've placed my art, both paintings and craft items at a local art gallery. It's in Sugar Loaf, NY. If you are ever wanting a wonderful place to visit on a Sunday, consider Sugar Loaf. My work is now in the Bliss Art Gallery. It's a coop gallery filled with all kinds of handmade art/clothes/craft items/pottery...too much to list...all made by local women of the Hudson Valley. It's a wonderful place, just chock full of beautiful handmade items.  I have several of my assemblage dolls and Frozen Charlotte angel ornaments on display, and other items.

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