Thursday, September 3, 2015

Butterfly collage

Butterfly collage
3" x 3"
acrylic medium, paint and papers

This small collage was so much fun to create! I used Jonathan Talbot's method of using fluid medium and heat to adhere the collage pieces to the substrate. Once dry, I then used acrylic paint to shade and color.   It is then backed onto deckle edged watercolor paper and then framed in an 8"x 8" frame, making it quite a dramatic statement for a small piece of mixed media art. 

It hangs in my bedroom as a reminder of my life journey. Butterflies represent rebirth and transformation. I believe that we are always on a journey in this life and are always in a state of rebirth and/or transformation. We 'die' to become something else. We transform from our life experiences and so we 'become' again and again. 

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