Monday, May 23, 2016

Every ending is a new beginning to something else.

5x7 collage
Using Anne Bagby's technique of making 'complicated' papers, I made this collage for a new book I am creating.  It feels so good to be playing with paper again. After my husband died very 
unexpectedly, I felt like I would NEVER create again. Slowly, the Muse has returned and I am, once again, creating. This collage is about my life after his death. New Beginnings. I am just now, after almost 2 years thinking of the future and what is NEXT...


Sue Ellen said...

This is beautiful! Marty must be so happy that you're doing what you love again. xoxo

Colleen colquhoun said...

Wow. It is magnificent .....things take time and now this is an amazing turn for you..

Gaylefriend said...

These are lovely and soulful. Do you have a new email? Could you send me
an email so I have it ? Love, Gaylefriend