Thursday, January 1, 2009

"une fille du gateau" assemblage doll

une fille du gateau

Now I know why I took 7th grade French. I knew enough to use 'une' instead of 'un' in her title since fille is the feminine. So proud. Translation "cake girl".
I painted a reeeeeeal small cupcake to use as a belt buckle. And I added glitter, as a cupcake belt buckle with out glitter just won't do. And in keeping with the cake theme, I used bakery string as the belt. Details- it's all about the details...anyway...her head piece is the back part of a vintage clip on earring with a Swarovski crystal glued on. Since she is from France, I thought it fitting to add a charm of La tour d'Eiffiel.

This newest doll is for a boutique who sells my work. I love cake girl. I wish I didn't get attached to my assemblage dolls. I've been selling my art for many years and have never had the issue of loving my work so much as to not want to sell it. But the dolls are different- I think it's that they take on their own personality as I make them...and in my scary little head they sort of become real... and NO they don't talk to me and NO I don't speak to them either...I mean that they sort of take up space in my heart after awhile and so I grow attached to them.

I am not quite finished with her- I need a phrase for her back- any ideas? oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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