Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just DO IT...

queen anne's lace
watercolor on hot press
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Today is raining and my sprained foot is wrapped. Perfect day to sit and paint. I was starting to find all kinds of little things to do...clean the bathroom (i just cleaned it), empty the dishwasher, wipe up a spill...and I then made myself march (read limp) into the studio and get matter how bad, no matter how painful...just sale...just do it. After about 5 minutes my blood pressure starting going down, my muscles started to nice. The 2 little paintings I made today (I work best in twos with watercolor- work on one while the other is drying- it helps me to not mess with the paint while it's wet and the brain switch lets me 'see' the painting with fresh eyes).

Anyway, I did not create a masterpiece today but it sure did feel good to wet brush and mix colors. Thanks Nike, I needed that...

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Ann Martin said...

So pretty. I love the fresh colors. Hope your ankle will mend quickly!