Tuesday, July 13, 2010

nursing a sprained foot...

I had a battle with a very large and mean wave while on vacation and I lost. The result: a sprained ankle. The wave threw me one way and my ankle went another way...OUCH.

Bad enough that walking was hard and stairs were a no-go for a day but good enough that I could walk on the foot as long as I didn't move the ankle (way too long sentence). My ankle ballooned and looked so pretty.

Much better today. I find that I need to put it up in the afternoon. Today I was at my friends house picking paint colors for her newly purchased home. I didn't get a chance to prop my foot and it was hurting by the time I got home. But a few hours propped up and it's feeling better.

Tomorrow I'll take it easy and baby it some more. I keep trying to convince myself that I am not getting too old...the waves were REALLY ROUGH that last day at the beach. The life guards were pulling in people about every 20 minutes-- they would just get out too far, get thrown about like I did and just needed help...and they were younger than I, which somehow makes me feel better (hard to admit that shallowness, but I just did).

So, call me limp-a-long for the time being...

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