Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fiddle + Watercolor = MUD

black eyed susan
watercolor on Fabrino HP
click to enlarge
I usually paint in twos. I am a little impatient when I paint and that tends to work against watercolor painting. Paint needs time to dry. And we've all heard: 'it's as exciting as as watching paint dry'

When I paint in twos- while one is drying, I go to the other painting and work on it. This is usually enough time for the other one to dry. Then I go back to the other. It works for me. Other wise. I start to fiddle. Fiddle + Watercolor = MUD. And mud is bad.

Here is the other small painting I did yesterday. Again, not a masterpiece but I sure enjoyed painting!


Ophelia said...

This is awesome! Really awesome!

Joyce at Calico Paint said...

I've heard/seen that advice -- work on two things at once. It works for me. Your watercolors are great. You are getting your mojo back.... Keep it up.

marry said...

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Nicole Austin said...

hi elizabeth! i like your painting! i like to work on many projects at a time, also, for the same reasons! :) thank you for your kind comments on my blog. my little one keeps me on my toes! :) i like your etsy shop, too! :)