Saturday, July 17, 2010

Would you like MAIL ART?

If you would like to receive some mail art- here's how:
send me a postcard piece of mail art - not a copy, not a print- a real piece of collage, painting or what have you. I will, in return, send you a postcard mail art original mail art- not a copy, not a print- a real collage or painting.

Please send to:
Elizabeth Parsons
71 Frank Ct.
Monroe, NY 10950

And include a return address!
I will post all mail art I receive here on my blog, so please make it family friendly.

click to enlarge

I love mail art! Yesterday I received a wonderful mail art post card. It was in response to a piece I sent to this person. It is such a kick for me to see a piece of art in and among the bills and paper I receive in the mail.


Joyce at Calico Paint said...

Will do!!

Diana Evans said...

oh this sounds like it would be wonderful fun!!!

Jingle said...

That is very cool! I'm sure it was a wonderful treat in your mailbox!

BonnieRose said...

this is wonderful.. I"m a big believer in Mail art.. I may just copy your idea and post something similar on my blog!

BonnieRose said...

I did it.. it's now on my blog!!!
thks for your encouragement... xo