Wednesday, May 25, 2011

doll head

Well, this is a doll sculpture I am happy with. It looks human and that's good! Early on she really looked like a he. I was going for a female head. She looks a little angular and male. Next time I'll work on that. I used Super sculpt living doll clay and I really like it. It sculpts well and holds the shape.


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

I think you Got IT ! That face realy is darn good .. did you build it over a foil skull ? keep up the good work see you soon . peace and love Heather

Elizabeth Parsons said...

Hi Heather! This being a practice doll, I built it up on a plastic rod with a ball on the end. (it's a piece that came with my Aiken's Clay measure tool). I've since cut it in half and removed it from the stick and baked it. Now I'll paint it for practice. It's a 1/2 head now, missing the entire back of her skull!