Monday, May 23, 2011

Primo Sculpey

I am not a big fan of Primo Sculpey for doll heads. That much I have learned. After using this product for 10 or so heads, I find it too elastic. The heads do not stay round. They look pretty bad at this point!

I've not fired a single doll head- just make, smoosh and remake. Practice, practice, practice. Next, I am trying Super Sculpey Living Doll clay. I bought a small sample to try it. I think that is my first goal- to find a polymer clay that works for me. Each is different. I'll use Primo clay for non-doll projects. Onto my next attempts with this new clay!

Each day is an adventure in learning and I am a bit obsessed at the moment.


Sherry Smyth said...

I like that you kept at it -- that you tried this more than twice and then came to the conclusion that this product is not for you. It would have been so easy to pack it in after 3 attempts but you had the patience to keep going and then realized...we need something "better" -- great message!

Fala Cedar said...

Have you tried that hard dark grey sculpey? That's what my husband uses for his sculpts, he swears by it.

Fala Cedar said...

Me again -- it's called SuperSculpey Firm, I think craft shops carry it, it comes in a biggish box, maybe a pound's worth? But I think it only comes in the grey color.