Thursday, May 8, 2014

weeping angel

I love cemetery angels. I have been known to lay down in muddy cemeteries to get just the right shot (ask my then boyfriend, now husband, who would come along for the drive.) And yes, he still married me :-)

In early April I drove to various towns in Georgia with my sister on our annual sister-trip. This year we focused on my father's side of genealogy. We ended up in a small cemetery in Americus, Georgia, the birthplace of my grand father and great-grandfather. We usually go to the local library and the town cemetery when doing our family genealogy. While walking around the cemetery, we came upon this amazing grave of a weeping angel. It was so moving in the context of a cemetery.  The painting below is of that weeping angel. I've painted it in my Cavallini Medieval Journal that my dear husband gave me many years ago. (He gave two identical journals and I've just completed the first journal.)  The paper is hand made Italian paper, very smooth, thick and creamy. It takes a bit to get used to the paper- different than my usual Arches 140 cold pressed.

weeping angel
7" x 9"

I came across an article about these angels here if you are interested in reading more about them.

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Elaine A said...

Simply beautiful Elizabeth. You've captured so well that feeling of loss and anguish.