Wednesday, July 8, 2009

analog meets digital

original painting with ephemera

same painting with digital elements added

I sat down today to continue my 'blue series' of paintings and boats. As usual, I veered WAY OFF of the path.

As I thought about the words I had glued down to the paper, I decided I wanted to paint an allegory about life. (the ephemera is from an 1867 primer.) Me being the boat, life being the sea. I also decided that I wanted to paint a 'real' boat, not a simple stamped version. I painted an old-time wooden yacht in the ocean. Once I finished the little painting, I scanned it in and then added digital elements with Photo shop. The bottom image is the combined version. I like how it turned out.

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Karen Mowrey said...

You are just the coolest! I am loving all your digital playing...I would say something intelligent on all of them if I were not almost asleep...:) Just have to squeeze in all the blog catch up time when I can!!

Want to know how tired I am? I am giggling because the word verification below is "butlit" Well, on that note have to get my "butlit" to bed!